AARP Voter Guide

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Throughout this campaign, I have received questionnaires from many different organizations. AARP has published responses from all the candidates. Here is the link to their site: Take a look and give me your thoughts.


On the road

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Today I visited with families in Bone and Swan Valley. They all liked my platform. Their children’s safety is of great concern and they especially like my stance on Jessica’s Law. Many said that a candidate has never stopped by before to visit with them. I love meeting everyone.

Clifton, Idaho

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I was visiting with folks in Clifton, ID yesterday. Met some wonderful people. Had a burger at Papa Jay’s and bought some of their delicious jerky. Everyone I met was very supportive of my ideas. I have their vote.

The Associated Press: THE RACE: Romney has some hard choices to make

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Why Obama’s “Forward” campaign takes America backward | Washington Times Communities

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Family Day

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Yesterday, I had a great day with family in Provo, UT. It was a beautiful drive down. I’m always grateful when I can spend time with family, as they live all across the country and we don’t get to see each other too often.

Great friends

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When my wife answered the phone this morning, she heard:’ Sheryl, why haven’t you come and put a sign in my yard?" So this afternoon, between times of wind and blowing snow, we headed downtown and put a sign in our friend’s yard. It’s right on the main street of Montpelier. Thanks Marlene, you’re the best.

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